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This movie inspires one and all! that helps the needy with a good word and deeds.

This movie creates a world that is enlightened on the foundation of faith, prayer, and forgiveness, which are the key values of not only Christianity but also other religions.

How Did the Movie’s Idea Came Up

Well, this itself is an interesting story. It was Kevan Otto, the Director, who approached Ty Manns, the story writer, to come up with a storyline that would boost some of the most essential religious values, keeping in mind today’s time. Manns proposed a few outlines but Kevan always kept pondering for something more. Finally, it was the fifth time when Manns wrote this story and Kevan approved it in the first go!


How Sets Were Made?

Initially, erecting sets for different scenes was deemed an easy task. However, it was only deemed so until Kevan Otto recognized the need to add some more real touch to give a truly authentic look of today’s times. This has actually demoralized the setup team a bit but the director’s faith made it all easy and quick for the team

How Actions Were Captured in Cameras!

This was where Chase Bowman’s diverse experienced helped in taking the value-instilling actions and dialogues in the most effective manner. He strongly believes that it is only 50% work done when the cast members remember all their dialogues and actions. The rest 50% comes from the skills of the cinematographer. For shooting it right, he used some of his most precious skills, such as for focusing, side cuts, and positioning of camera, to capture the best!

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