A Movie that Lights Up Faith When Conditions Are Fully Unfavorable

It is only during tough times that we recognize the love of God and power of faith in him. This movie exactly reveals this truth through a challenging journey.

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Register Yourself Soon For The Executive Condominiums Of Piermont Grand

If 2019 is your year to get a new home then you might find yourself lucky because Piermont Grand, EC situated at the Sumang Walk of Punggol district are the only launch of executive condominiums in this year. Also, their cutting edge architecture and high standard lifestyle are one of the main reasons that a lot of people are pre-registering themselves to get their desired unit.

The gross area of the site is 873,738 sq ft in which there is not only condominium building but also parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and many other amenities which are some other reasons for huge customer attraction. The developers, CDL Constellations and TID Residential have added every possible amenity within the township to give a high-quality living experience to the residents. Another reason for the popularity of these condominiums is that the annual income of an applicant should be $14000 and it can also be considered as the composite income of a couple which has made it possible for the sandwich people too, to get their unit in these luxurious condominiums. So, it is very important to lay your hand on your favorite unit among all the executive condominiums and for that, you can register yourself online.

Registering through the E-applications

The developers have given the facility to the people to register themselves for the condominiums through their website only that means you don’t have to hire any private realtor or pay any extra charges. Just visit the website of the township and get into their E-application page. You will need some of your information and documents handy to fill in the application form, so make sure that all the important documents are with you at the time of form filling. You will get a list of documents and other important things to fill the application form on the same page itself.

Register yourself for VVIP preview

It is important to register yourself for a VVIP preview because it will give you various benefits. The developers are giving special facility to the registered VVIP buyers in which you will get to know more about the project and also you will get the facility to pick your desired units before any of them are sold or shown to the public. You will also be getting the units at a lower cost because, after the VVIP preview and registrations, the prices might get increased and also there will be a lesser numbers of units left. So, if you want to live in a dream house then you should register yourself for VVIP preview on time. You will be contacted back by a real estate professional who will serve you with all the VVIP services as promised by the developers of the township.

Final Words

It is already known that how executive condominiums of this star township are in great demand these days. It won’t be a shocking fact that all of these will be sold out very soon. Since now you are aware of the registration procedures then you can also pick your desired unit soon before they all are gone.